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  • 5 Ways To Convince A Landlord To Allow A Dog

    23 December 2015

    If you own a dog, it can sometimes make finding an apartment more difficult. Some landlords may worry that dogs will go to the bathroom inside or tear up the apartment unit. However, if you can't part with your pooch, there may be a few things you can do. Here are five effective ways to convince a landlord to allow a dog: Provide Proof That Your Dog is Trained One of the best ways to convince a landlord to let you keep your dog is to provide proof that he is trained.

  • 5 Benefits Of Living In Montanita, Ecuador

    18 December 2015

    Are you looking for a paradise on a budget? You should consider Montanita, Ecaudor. Here's why. Cost of Living While living in North America has skyrocketed, you can live very affordably in South America. This is especially true in Montanita. In Montanita, you might expect to pay half of what you would pay for a similar room, beachfront condo, or house in other countries. This great cost of living lets you spend your money on other things that you really enjoy.

  • Tips for Making an Easy Transition to Assisted Living Facilities

    15 December 2015

    Moving to an assisted living facility was likely not in your plan, but sometimes it can be the best path for a very happy future. Having help on hand when you need it can free you up to continue to lead your life exactly the way you want to live it. No matter how you are feeling about making the move, the transition may seem daunting. Don't worry. Here are some tips for making the transition much easier on you and your family.

  • Three Reasons To Book A Hotel Conference Room For Your Next Work Function

    15 December 2015

    Whether it's an annual banquet to recognize your business' successful moments or a strategic planning session that you want to run before starting a crucial project for your business, it's ideal to get together outside the office walls. Functions that take place at work can be dry and some employees might not be thrilled the idea of spending even more time at the office. When it comes to selecting an appropriate venue for your upcoming work event, give consideration to any hotels in your city that offer conference rooms.

  • Family Vacations: Finding The Best Suite Hotel

    1 December 2015

    If you're planning a family vacation and you want to make sure everyone is comfortable, look for a hotel, like Cascade Inn, that offers you the amenities you need to ensure everyone has a comfortable stay. Many hotel chains cater to families and can offer you the room you'll need as well as the features you want to make it a memorable stay. Here are some things to consider when you book your next hotel stay with the family in tow.

  • Take Three Three Steps To Increase Your Shot At A Free Hotel Room Upgrade

    30 November 2015

    If you've ever heard one of your friends or family members talking about getting a free hotel room upgrade while on a trip, it can be easy to feel jealous. A better strategy, however, is to learn the best way to get this type of room upgrade on your next trip; pretty soon you'll have a fun story to share, too. While certain factors such as the hotel's vacancy rate during your stay are beyond your control, there are a handful of steps that you can follow to increase the chance of getting a favorable response when you politely ask for an upgrade.

  • A Guide For Choosing The Right Hotel

    27 November 2015

    Planning the perfect vacation can be an awful lot of work. One of the biggest decisions that you will need to make is which hotel you will stay at. There are quite a few factors that will go into such a decision, so it can be difficult to figure out the best option. To make the process a bit easier for you, here is some information that can help narrow down your options:

  • 3 Ways To Stay True To Your Intuitive Eating Practice During Brunch

    25 November 2015

    The modern brunch is a highly debated topic that many people think will ruin their diet or somehow affect their social standing. If you are an intuitive eater, then you probably realize that brunch is still simply a meal that is held between breakfast and lunch that offers a large variety of foods and encourages you to slow down and enjoy a weekend meal. If you are beginning your intuitive eating practice, you may still have reservations about brunch and the many diet rules that come up when faced with the choices for food that are available at most brunches.