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5 Benefits Of Living In Montanita, Ecuador

by Gonzalo Gomez

Are you looking for a paradise on a budget? You should consider Montanita, Ecaudor. Here's why.

Cost of Living

While living in North America has skyrocketed, you can live very affordably in South America. This is especially true in Montanita. In Montanita, you might expect to pay half of what you would pay for a similar room, beachfront condo, or house in other countries. This great cost of living lets you spend your money on other things that you really enjoy. In fact, many people choose to retire here for just that reason.


Montanita is a coastal city. That means you are near brilliant blue ocean water almost anywhere in town. Surfing is a popular sport in Montanita, thanks to the year-long swells that occur here. Also, the seafood is fresh and served the same day it is caught in many local restaurants.


If you are American, you will be especially happy to know that you won't need to exchange your dollars for some obscure foreign currency. After all, who wants to sit down with a calculator every time it's time to buy some new clothes or grab dinner? In Ecuador, the US Dollar is the official currency of the country. What's more, is that the dollar is arguably the most reliable currency in the world, so your money isn't likely to disappear overnight due to government corruption or faked GDP growth like in other countries who tie their currency to their own economic endeavors.

Time Zone

Being in the same time zone as parts of North America has it's advantages. In fact, many Canadians and Americans choose to relocate to Montanita for just this reason. They can spend a fraction of what they were on housing, food, and lifestyle, while being able to easily make phone calls to family, friends, and important clients for work.

Access to Nature

Natural beauty is one of Montanita's most compelling features. Not only is the ocean right at your feet, with dazzling waves and sunshine, but there are mountain ranges nearby as well. You can go hiking, climbing, or exploring through the many cloud forests in Ecuador. Few of these journeys will take longer than 5 hours to arrive at.

Going to Montanita is a choice that can change your life for the better. If you want to live the good life and pay a fraction for it, then look no further than this blissful mountain town. The nightlife, food, and nature will have you wondering why you didn't come sooner. Look for Ecuador homes for sale.