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5 Ways To Convince A Landlord To Allow A Dog

by Gonzalo Gomez

If you own a dog, it can sometimes make finding an apartment more difficult. Some landlords may worry that dogs will go to the bathroom inside or tear up the apartment unit. However, if you can't part with your pooch, there may be a few things you can do. Here are five effective ways to convince a landlord to allow a dog:

Provide Proof That Your Dog is Trained

One of the best ways to convince a landlord to let you keep your dog is to provide proof that he is trained. If your pooch attended obedience school, the landlord will know he will not be aggressive toward other people in the building or tear up the apartment.

Bring Letters of Reference

If you have rented previous apartments with your dog, it is a good idea to ask your former landlords for letters of reference. If these landlords state that you were a responsible pet owner and your pooch was always well behaved, the landlord you are trying to rent from might allow you to keep the dog.

Let the Landlord Meet Your Dog

Letters of reference and proof of training are helpful, but they are not the same as letting the landlord meet your dog in person. If the landlord sees for himself how obedient and friendly your dog is, he may not see it as a big risk anymore.

Consider Renter's Insurance

Another good way to persuade a landlord to let you keep your dog is to purchase renter's insurance. If your policy covers pet related damages, the landlord will know you are responsible and may feel more comfortable about you having a dog in the building.

Get a Letter from Your Dog's Veterinarian

A landlord will want to make sure your dog has had all its shots and is healthy, so it is wise to get a letter from the veterinarian. Ask the veterinarian to include the vaccinations and treatments your dog has had lately. Once the landlord knows for sure that your dog is in good health, he may be more likely to let you keep it.

If you follow these helpful tips, you will have a better chance at convincing your dog to let you keep your dog. However, you should under under no circumstances try to sneak your dog in the apartment without the landlord's permission. If you do this, you could get evicted.

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