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3 Ways To Stay True To Your Intuitive Eating Practice During Brunch

by Gonzalo Gomez

The modern brunch is a highly debated topic that many people think will ruin their diet or somehow affect their social standing. If you are an intuitive eater, then you probably realize that brunch is still simply a meal that is held between breakfast and lunch that offers a large variety of foods and encourages you to slow down and enjoy a weekend meal. If you are beginning your intuitive eating practice, you may still have reservations about brunch and the many diet rules that come up when faced with the choices for food that are available at most brunches. Here are three ways to stay true to your intuitive eating practices while enjoying your brunch. 

Honor Your Hunger 

One of the less positive aspects of brunch is that is often held much later than people wake up. If you wake up early, you may be hungry well before your brunch date. It is important to recognize and satisfy that hunger as it arises as opposed to saving your hunger for your brunch date. You may opt for an early breakfast and a light snack and a drink during brunch. Alternatively, you may want to have a glass of water and a light breakfast when you wake up so that you can indulge in more foods without feeling overly full during brunch. 

Be Aware of Your Satisfaction 

A major aspect of intuitive eating is being aware of what types of food bring you satisfaction, how to identify and fulfill cravings, and how to tell if you are satisfied. Brunch, as an extended meal, actually provides you with the perfect opportunity to eat slowly, remain aware of how satisfying each part of your meal is, and increase your awareness of your relationship with food. 

It is important that you do not make any foods off-limits during brunch and remain aware that your cravings are valid, especially if you went out drinking the night before brunch. While diets may tell you carbohydrates are bad for you, you need to figure out for yourself if they make you feel satisfied and healthy or weighed down and without energy. 

To increase your awareness throughout the meal, you may want to limit your alcoholic or caffeinated beverages, as these can skew your perspective. 

Make Peace With Your Choices 

Making peace with food refers to you being able to eat food that makes you feel satisfied without feeling guilty about your choices. It also allows you to make mistakes without beating yourself up. Brunch gives you plenty of opportunities to expose yourself to various choices and see how your relationship with food is developing. 

Brunch should not be a meal that you are wary of as an intuitive eater. Instead, embrace the chance to expand your relationship with food and learn more about your satisfaction and eating habits.