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Tips for Making an Easy Transition to Assisted Living Facilities

by Gonzalo Gomez

Moving to an assisted living facility was likely not in your plan, but sometimes it can be the best path for a very happy future. Having help on hand when you need it can free you up to continue to lead your life exactly the way you want to live it. No matter how you are feeling about making the move, the transition may seem daunting. Don't worry. Here are some tips for making the transition much easier on you and your family.

Prioritize Your Possessions

Before you make the big move, you are likely going to need to get rid of at least some of your possessions or find a good storage place. Family or friends may volunteer to store some boxes. Whatever you decide to do, you need to prioritize which possessions need to come with you to your new home, so you don't leave anything that's necessary or important to you behind. Give yourself plenty of time to do this.

Visit the Facility

If possible, try to visit the senior living facilities several times before you move in. Getting to know some of the residents can make moving there a lot more fun. Also, if you are familiar with a couple of the staff members, moving there can be a warm and welcoming experience. What's even better about that is the fact that you can ask residents questions so that nothing takes you by surprise.

Make Plans

One way to get the most out of the transition to assisted living facilities is making plans. Look at all the different perks of the senior living facility where you will be living. Also, if there is easy access to transportation or you have friends nearby, you can make plans to do a lot of fun things during the first few weeks while you get used to the new place. That sense of normalcy that comes from doing what you have always enjoyed will make things much easier on you.

Finally, while you are making the transition, try not to put too much pressure on yourself. You may not know how to feel about your new home at first. Give it some time and remember that you can make changes in the future. The caring staff of the assisted living facility is there to help you and make your experience a happy one, so reach out and embrace all the perks that the facility has to offer.