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Family Vacations: Finding The Best Suite Hotel

by Gonzalo Gomez

If you're planning a family vacation and you want to make sure everyone is comfortable, look for a hotel, like Cascade Inn, that offers you the amenities you need to ensure everyone has a comfortable stay. Many hotel chains cater to families and can offer you the room you'll need as well as the features you want to make it a memorable stay. Here are some things to consider when you book your next hotel stay with the family in tow.


Many hotel chains offer small kitchens in their rooms, which is a great option for families. Rather than spend a lot of money going out to eat, you can bring and cook your own food right in the hotel room. Small kitchens should have a stove top, microwave, sink, and refrigerator. While it might not give you everything you need to make an amazing home cooked meal, these kitchenettes should provide you with the basics so you can prepare you own meals. This can save a lot of money and will give everyone a bit of the comforts of home.

Pet Friendly

If bringing Fido along is part of the plan, make sure you book a hotel that is pet friendly. Many hotels are now offering this added bonus, since growing numbers of pet owners are leery about leaving their furry friends at a boarding kennel. If the hotel is pet friendly, be sure they also have somewhere you can take your dog for a walk and to use the bathroom. Find out if there is an extra cost to bring your pet along, and read the fine print to see if you'll have to pay for any extra damage your pet might cause. Make your pet as comfortable as possible so they will feel comforted and not be prone to chewing up the furniture or soiling the floor.

Fun Amenities

A good family friendly hotel will offer plenty of extra amenities the family can enjoy. Try to book a hotel that has a swimming pool for the kids and maybe even a game room or gym. Some hotels also have tennis courts and restaurants that are inside the hotel so you won't really have to travel far to eat or relax. These extra amenities will make the stay a lot more fun, and you'll be getting more  bang for your buck. As long as you have plenty of room and enough to keep everyone occupied, your next family hotel stay should be a pleasant one that you'll always remember fondly.