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Three Reasons To Book A Hotel Conference Room For Your Next Work Function

by Gonzalo Gomez

Whether it's an annual banquet to recognize your business' successful moments or a strategic planning session that you want to run before starting a crucial project for your business, it's ideal to get together outside the office walls. Functions that take place at work can be dry and some employees might not be thrilled the idea of spending even more time at the office. When it comes to selecting an appropriate venue for your upcoming work event, give consideration to any hotels in your city that offer conference rooms. There are multiple reasons that this type of venue can be beneficial for your get-together, including these three.

Availability Of On-Site Accommodations

Perhaps the biggest benefit of choosing a hotel conference room is the availability of accommodation for your group if you plan to have the event run over two days. Many work functions can include an evening dinner and it's responsible, if alcohol is being served, to provide rooms for your employees. Another benefit to having on-site rooms is that any people attending the event from out of town—perhaps some managers from a different office in a different state—will be able to stay at the hotel during the event. If you're booking a number of rooms for your event, you can often get a discount from the hotel, which makes looking after this perk for your staff cost-effective.

Access To A/V Equipment

If you're thinking about having the event in your office, one of your biggest priorities will be to rent the necessary A/V equipment from an electronics rental company. By holding the get-together in a hotel conference room, you'll have convenient access to all this equipment. Additionally, the gear will be waiting for you in the room—no need to rent it and have to transport it to the hotel and set it up on your own. When you're thinking about booking a hotel conference room, you can specify the A/V equipment you need and ensure the hotel can provide it.

Convenient Catering Options

Holding your company function at your office means you'll have to arrange a caterer and, in many cases, your lack of a proper food-preparation area will mean that you'll be serving your group something simple such as sub sandwiches and salads. At a hotel, you'll be able to make use of the hotel's catering department, which can use the hotel's full kitchen to ensure that you and your group are well-fed with meals and snacks throughout the event.

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