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How To Pick The Right Baseball Hall Of Fame Hotel For You

by Gonzalo Gomez

For a baseball fan, there is nothing quite like taking a trip to Cooperstown, New York, and visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame. There is plenty of rich history there, and its proximity to some of the best shopping and restaurants in the area creates an environment for a great vacation.

How do you pick the right Baseball Hall of Fame hotels to choose from? You will have a variety including one for every budget. Here are some tips on picking the right Baseball Hall of Fame Hotel for you.

Its Location Within The City

Baseball Hall of Fame hotels are located in almost every area of Cooperstown, and finding the right one for you could come down to its location within the city. Do you prefer a hotel that is closer to the museum and Hall of Fame? If you are going to spend a lot of time there, you might want a hotel that's within walking distance so you don't always have to drive your car.

Do you prefer a hotel that is closer to the city's downtown core? This way you can visit the Hall of Fame, but also enjoy shopping, dining in a new restaurant every night, and taking in the sights of Cooperstown.

Do a little research into what the city offers that you might be interested in. Take into account the amount of walking you would like to do and other sights you want to see. You can make your decision based on a hotel's proximity to those things.

Take Into Account Your Budget

While it might be tempting to book one of the more expensive of the Baseball Hall of Fame hotels, your budget might not allow for it. You don't necessarily have to pick the highest rates to get the best stay possible.

You could choose to stay in a smaller hotel that caters specifically to baseball fans, or perhaps a bed and breakfast or Airbnb might be more your style. Always take into account your budget when booking your hotel room and don't spend the majority of your trip's budget on it.

The Hotel's Amenities

When checking out the Baseball Hall of Fame hotels, look into what amenities they offer. You might want a swimming pool to relax after a long day of exploring or taking in a baseball game. You might want to start your day by exercising in a fitness center or taking a sauna or hot tub. 

Decide what amenities are important to you in the hotel, and narrow down your choices based on what you would really like to have. 

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