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Tips For Dining At The Hotel Restaurant

by Gonzalo Gomez

Staying at a hotel with a restaurant can be so nice. You don't have to search for a restaurant in the area, call a taxi, and leave the hotel again for dinner in the evening. However, there are a few intricacies involved with dining at a hotel restaurant. You'll often benefit from following these tips.

Get an idea of the dress code ahead of time.

Hotel restaurants, like other restaurants, come with all sorts of different dress codes and expectations. People often assume that hotel restaurants are casual, but this is not always the case. Take a walk by the restaurant during the day, and peek at the decor and what people are wearing. This way, you can dress more appropriately when you go back for dinner that evening. You don't want to be the only person in sweatpants when everyone else is in a suit.

Don't assume you won't need a reservation.

Some hotel restaurants don't take reservations, but others do. Especially if you are staying on a weekend or during a big event, you don't want to show up for dinner and find out there's a 2-hour wait without reservations. Ask about reservation policies when you check into the hotel and then plan accordingly. Call and make your reservation as soon as you know what time will fit into your schedule. You may even be able to reserve your table at the hotel's front desk when you check-in.

Don't shy away from having leftovers.

When you're on vacation, you might be used to ordering just enough so you don't have leftovers to carry back to your hotel. But at a hotel restaurant, you can splurge a bit more in this regard. Carrying leftovers back to your room is a lot easier than holding onto them through a taxi ride and a 1/4 mile walk through a big parking lot. Your leftovers can make a great lunch when heated up with the microwave in your guest room.

Ask about discounts and deals for hotel guests.

Some hotels have restaurants that are frequented both by hotel guests and by others. In this case, there may be a small discount for hotel guests. It never hurts to ask about such discounts so you don't miss out on these deals if they are available.

With these tips, you can have a lovely experience at the restaurant inside your hotel. It's so nice to dine on-site. 

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