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Beyond the Breakfast: Other Hotel Features That Can Save You Cash

by Gonzalo Gomez

When searching for hotels, most people know that they should book a hotel with a continental breakfast in order to save money on their stay. Indeed, this can save you some money, especially if you are traveling with friends or family members and all of you would have to spend money on breakfast. However, a continental breakfast is far from the only hotel amenity that will help you save money on your trip. Here are some other features and amenities that can make your overall stay less costly.

A Microwave and Mini-Fridge

If possible, look for a hotel that has a microwave and mini-fridge in the room. This enables you to buy things like TV dinners, burritos, and pizza to store and heat up in your hotel room. And if you do go out to eat, you can bring back the leftovers and heat them up for another meal. This will help you lower your food costs when you are away. In addition, you can get snacks like yogurt, string cheese, or juice that just need to be refrigerated. 

Laundry Services

A hotel that has laundry services of some sort will save you money. Some hotels simply have washing machines and dryers that the guests can use. Others have staff that will pick up, launder, and then leave your clothing in your room. Either option can save you money by making it possible for you to travel with only a carry-on instead of checking a bag. 

Location Near a Bus or Train Stop

If you find a hotel that is within walking distance of a bus or train stop, definitely book that hotel. You can more easily ride public transportation this way, so you won't be left calling an expensive taxi or renting a car. Some cities have better public transit systems than others, so you will want to do your research. In most big cities, though, public transportation is both cheap and reliable.

A Gym

If you are an active person, staying in a hotel that has a gym or workout facility can save you cash. You won't have to pay for a visitor's pass or a temporary membership at a local gym to get a good workout. 

When booking a hotel, make sure you think about the amenities that the hotel offers and how those amenities may make your vacation more affordable overall. There are so many ways to save on vacation, and most of it comes down to picking the right hotel. To learn more about booking hotels, visit a travel agency near you.