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Don't Shy Away From Reporting These Issues To Your Hotel's Front Desk

by Gonzalo Gomez

When people check into their hotel, they rarely return to the front desk until it's time to leave the next day or whenever their stay is finished. However, you should feel free to approach the front desk to report any issues that may affect the quality of your stay. It's better to speak up now about something that is slightly under par than let it annoy you and compromise your hotel visit. When you share the issue with the front desk clerk, he or she will take steps to fix the situation for you. Here are some things that you should feel free to report.

Stuck Window

Although some hotel rooms' windows don't open by design, you'll often find that some windows can be opened a few inches. This is ideal for those who enjoy the smell of fresh air, as it will augment their stay. However, if you aren't able to open the window, it might be because it's stuck from not being used for a while. Instead of ignoring this small issue, simply return to the front desk and explain the situation. Generally, someone from the front desk will have a maintenance team member visit your room promptly to repair the problem.

Noisy Neighbors

It's every hotel guest's pet peeve to be in a room with noisy neighbors in the next room. Whether they're playing the TV loudly, speaking in elevated voices, or even moving furniture around, you shouldn't allow this disruptive behavior to affect the enjoyment of your stay. Just visit the front desk (or call down) to explain the situation. Hotel staff will respond in a series of steps. The offending parties will be warned to lower their volume. If the issue continues, the people may even be asked to leave. You, meanwhile, may be able to move to a different room in a quieter area of the hotel.

Slow Internet

Many hotels offer complimentary wireless Internet service for their guests, which can especially be valuable if you're traveling for business. If you notice that the connection is slower than you'd like, you can raise this issue with someone at the front desk. There's no magic button that can speed up the Internet, but the front desk clerk can help you by upgrading you to a higher-speed Internet, likely without billing you for the service. Because fewer people may be on this network, you'll instantly notice that it's faster for you.